Subsidies for fertilizers

Fertilizer cost subsidies (excluding organic)

Fertilizer subsidy presentation slides

The list of manufacturers, suppliers and foreign manufacturers of fertilizers and products produced (sold) by them (presented by the letter of MIIR RK dated 24.11.2020. № 04-3-25/8903-И)

Scientifically-based norms for applying mineral fertilizers (represented by the letter of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 04.24.2020. No. 3-3-5 / 1126-I)

Правовая база

On approval of the Rules for subsidizing crop yields and crop production quality improvement
Order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 30, 2020 No. 107.

Video instructions
Agricultural producer
1. Registration on the web portal 2. Signing an application to join the user agreement 3. Registration in the Electronic Invoice System 4. Export invoice from IS ESF 5. Filing a fertilizer subsidy 6. Submission of a translation application for subsidizing the cost of fertilizers 7. Downloading the results of an agrochemical survey Domestic fertilizer producer
1. Fertilizer manufacturer invoice information Working organization
1. Formation of orders for introducing subsidy standards 2. Formation of orders to add fertilizer application rates 3. Formation of orders for a financing plan 4. Confirmation of acceptance of the application (transferable application)

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